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Vytautas Didysis

Vytautas the Great

c. 1350 - 1430
Grand Duke of Lithuania, 1392-1430

Vincas Grybas

Kaunas /  Vytautas Didysis   Kaunas /  Vytautas Didysis


Bronze statue of Grand Duke Vytautas with sword. On the corners of the pedestal are defeated soldiers, supporting the higher part of pedestal on which Vytautas is standing:
  1. Ruthenian soldier, with a shield showing St. George slaying the dragon.
  2. German Crusader, with a broken sword and a shield with the German eagle at his feet.
  3. Tartar soldier
  4. Polish solder, with a shield with an eagle at his feet.

Kaunas - Vytautas Didysis
Kaunas - Vytautas Didysis
Kaunas - Vytautas Didysis
Kaunas - Vytautas Didysis


1420 - 1930
Between text and dates is a medaillon with a map of Lithuania in the 14th century.

Kaunas - Vytautas Didysis


v. grybas skulpt. | 1930 v.d.m.

Information Sign

Text in Lithuanian and English, here only the English text:
The Elected King of Lithuania (1429)

The Grand Duke of Lithuania (1392-1430)
The Elected King of Czechia (1422-1423)

Lithuanian, Polish, Ruthenian and Tartar troops together with the
hired Czech and Moldavian troops (approximately 25 000
soldiers), in command of Vytautas Magnus, the ruler of Lithuania
and the commander of the united army, as well as with Jogaila, the
King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania, won a battle
against the Teutonic Order (Germans), who attacked Lithuania for
more than 200 years. The battle took place at Grunwald / Žalia giria
(Prussia at that time, now the territory of the Republic of Poland).

—   —

Vytautas Magnus granted the privileges of Magdeburg Rights
to Kaunas in 1408.

—   —

*The monument was built in High Panemunė in 1932 (sculptor
Vincas Grybas)
*The monument was destroyed by Soviet government in 1952.

The monument was rebuilt in 1990 on the initiative of the
public movement AUKURAS, Lithuanian citizens and
Lithuanian victims of emigration, commemorating the 580th
anniversary of the Battle of Žalgiris (15 July 1410).

Architect prof. Jurgis Bučas is the author of the monument rebuilding
project. (The sculpture of Vytautas Magnus crowns the monument,
while the corners of postament are surrounded with the figures of
Ruthenian, Polish, Crusader and Tartar soldiers).

On 15 July 2010, a steel capsule with soil from the field of
the Battle of Žalgiris was inserted in the monument to
commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Žalgiris.

Kaunas - Vytautas Didysis


Sources & Information


Locatie (N 54°53'52" - E 23°54'21") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: lt108; Photograph: 14 July 2013
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