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Šv. Jonas Nepomukas

Saint John of Nepomuk

Nepomuk c. 1345 - Praha 1393
confessor of the queen of Bohemia, refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. At the behest of King Wenceslaus of Bohemia he was thrown from the Charles Bridge in Prague and drowned. John of Nepomuk is patron saint of bridges
Stanisław Horno-Popławski

Trakai /  Šv. Jonas Nepomukas   Trakai /  Šv. Jonas Nepomukas


Polychrome stone statue of St. John of Nepomuk in a small chapel on top of a round column. The column is 14 m high, 3.24 m wide and consists of three parts: a four-side granite pillar on which a column of stuccoed brick stands. This supports a tiny square "chapel" with a four-slope pyramid tiled roof. Above the rooftop stands a metal "saulute" or little sun.


From the Trakai Historical National Park website:

The statue was built in what used to be the middle of them market square and is mentioned in records for the first time in 1622. The present appearance was created in the mid-nineteenth century when a statue of St John Nepomuk was placed on the column. The statue was torn down after the 1863 Uprising and in its place the arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania surmounted by the Russian eagle coat of arms was hung at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The column was destroyed during World War One and in 1935 it was rebuilt by the mayor of Trakai, Colonel Zajączkowski. This statue of St John Nepomuk was designed by the Vilnius sculptor Stanisław Horno-Poplawski and a metal cross was fixed atop the roof. That autumn the column was consecrated by the parish priest Henryk Hlebowicz who was beatified in Warsaw as a martyr on June 13 1999. Around 1960 the statue of St John was removed from its housing and tossed into the lake by the Soviet authorities. Later the statue was found by the Trakai Museum and taken into its holdings in 1961. In 1969 Mikulionis designed the restoration of the column and a wooden horseman took the place of St John Nepomuk. As Lithuanian independence was being restored the Stanisław Horno-Poplawski statue was restored in 1990 in the P. Gudynas Restoration Centre and returned to the column.

Statues of Saint John of Nepomuk

The figure of Saint John of Nepomuk is often encountered in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. He is usually portrayed with As additional figures there are often one of more little angels, respectively There are several sites listing statues of Saint John of Nepomuk:


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Location (N 54°38'40" - E 24°56'8")

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