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Vilniaus apskritis

Žaliasis tiltas
(Green Bridge)

Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis

Statues on the Green Bridge

Various sculptors

Vilnius /  Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis   Vilnius /  Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis


The Green Bridge is the oldest bridge over the Neris in Vilnius; it was built in 1536 by an eminent Vilnius engineer of German origin, Ulrichas Hozijus (Ulrich Hosius). In 1739 the bridge was painted green and thus the name of the Green Bridge became associated with it. The bridge is decorated by four groups of sculptures portraying socialistic realism. They all feature two people, representing social classes idealized by the Soviet authorities (soldiers, workers, farmers, students). It remains one of the few bridges in the country to be decorated with sculptures. The bridge represents a part of the soviet heritage.

The sculpture groups are:

  1. (southwest) žemes ūkis / Agriculture (by Bučas and Vaivada).
  2. (southeast)Pramonė ir statyba / Industry and Construction (by Petrulis and Vyšnauskas)
  3. (northwest) Mokslo jaunimas / Youth (by Mikėnas and Kėdanis)
  4. (northeast) Taikos sargyboje / Guarding Peace (by Pundzius) (The sign is gone).

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Vilnius - Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis
Vilnius - Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis
Vilnius - Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis
Vilnius - Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis

Information Sign

Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis
Pirmasis tiltas šioje vietoje buvo pastatytas 1536 m. XVIII amžiuje tiltas nudažytas žaliai ir pradėtas vadinti Žalioju.
Dabartinį tiltą, pastatytą 1952 m., puošia keturios skulptūrinės grupės – sovietinio laikotarpio meno kūriniai.
Žaliasius tiltas – vienintelis Lietuvoje papuoštas skulptūromis – Valstybės saugomas kultūros paveldo objektas.

Green Bridge
The first bridge was erected on this sport in 1536. Painted green, it subsequently became known as the Green Bridge.
The current bridge was built in 1952 and is decorated with four Socialist Realist sculptures.
It is the only bridge in Lithuania featuring sculptures and is protected as an object of cultural heritage.

Vilnius - Žaliasis tiltas su skulptūromis


Sources & Information


  • Bučas, Bernardas
  • Kėdainis, Juozas
  • Mikėnas, Juozas
  • Petrulis, Napoleonas
  • Pundzius, Bronius
  • Socialist realism
  • Soldier
  • Vaivada, Pertras
  • Vyčniauskas, Bronius
  • Location (N 54°41'29" - E 25°16'48")

    Item Code: lt060; Photograph: 13 July 2013
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