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Vilniaus apskritis

Arklių gatvė 18C

Francišakas Bahuševičius

Francišak Bahuševič

Францiшак Багушэвiч
Śvirany, Vilna Governorate 1840 - Kušliany near Ašmiany 1900
Belarusian poet, writer and lawyer, one of the initiators of new Belarusian literature
Lieŭ Mikalajevič Humilieŭski

Vilnius /  Francišakas Bahuševičius   Vilnius /  Francišakas Bahuševičius


Bronze plaque with relief portrait and text in Belarusian and Lithuanian.

Vilnius - Francišakas Bahuševičius


На гэтым месцы стаяў дом, у якім жыў
у II пал. XIX ст. выдатны беларускі
паэт, асветнік і дзеяч культуры
Францiшак Багушэвiч

Čia XIX a. antroje pusėje būta namo,
kuriame gyveno žymus baltarusių poetas,
švietėjas ir kultūros veikėjas
Francišakas Bahuševičius

On this site stood the house in which lived
in the 2nd half of the 19th century the prominent Belarusian
poet, educator and cultural activist
Francišak Bahuševič


ск. Гумілеўскі.Л.М.


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Location (N 54°40'31" - E 25°17'10")

Item Code: lt036; Photograph: 12 July 2013
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