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Tokyo - 東京

grounds of the Asakusa shrine
(Taitō-ku 台東区)


Iwako Uryu

Kitakata, Fukushima, 1829 - Fukushima 1897
Social worker
artist unknown

Tokyo - 東京 /  瓜生岩子   Tokyo - 東京 /  瓜生岩子


Bronze statue.

Information Sign

[Japanese text]


Uryu Iwako was born in Kitakata, Fukushima prefecture, on
February 15, 1829. Iwako was her popular name, and her real
name was Iwa. At the age of nine, she lost her father, and her
mother went back to her parents' home together with Iwa. When
she was 14, she was entrusted to her aunt, and was educated by
her uncle-in-law, who was a doctor in the Aizu clan.
   After the Meiji Restoration, she exerted efforts for the educ-
ation of young girls in the Aizu clan and also established the
Fukushima Relief Facility for the assistance to the poor and
orphans. She also founded the midwifery research institute and
the Saisei Hospital in Kitakata, thereby promoting social work.
She died in Fukushima on April 19, 1897. To praise the good
conduct of Iwa, who devoted here whole life to charitable work,
this bronze statue of her was erected here in April 1901.


The original 1901 statue was molten during World War II and recast in 1955.



Locatie (N 35°42'52" - E 139°47'43") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: jp011; Photograph: 31 January 2008
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