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Tokyo - 東京

Hibiya Park 日比谷公園
(Chiyoda-ku 千代田区)


Capitoline Wolf

The mythical she-wolf suckling the twins, Romulus and Remus, from the legend of the founding of Rome. The original wolf, dating from the 11th/12th century, with the twins added in the late 15th century, is in the Musei Capitolini in Rome
Prehistoric sculptor & Medieval artist
1938 copy

Tokyo - 東京 /  ルーパロマーナ   Tokyo - 東京 /  ルーパロマーナ


Replica of the Capitoline Wolf - "She-Wolf" - traditionally believed to be Etruscan, 5th century BC, with figures of Romulus and Remus added in the 15th century by Antonio Pollaiuolo. Recent studies suggest that it may be medieval, dating from the 13th century (original in the Museo Nuovo in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome).


Romulus and Remus are the traditional founders of Rome in 753 BC and are the twin sons of Mars. Their grandfather's brother ordered a servant to kill them after they were born but he couldn't so he put them in a basket and laid the basket on the Tiber river so they survived. They were nursed by a she-wolf. At 18, they founded their city but Romulus killed Remus and named the city after himself - Rome and he became the first king.

The sculpture was a gift from Italy in 1938

Tokyo - 東京 - 狼の乳を吸うロムルスとレムスの像


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Location (N 35°40'30" - E 139°45'25")

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Item Code: jp010; Photograph: 1 February 2008
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