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Saint Helier

Weighbridge Place
(Jersey Museum)

Travailleux D'Cauchie

The Docker

Colin Miller

Saint Helier /  Travailleux D'Cauchie   Saint Helier /  Travailleux D'Cauchie


Bronze statue of a docker. With no mechanical winches it was down to the strength of the Dockers to haul in the fishing boats. The sculpted Docker wears an original Jersey seaman's sweater.
Originally, the bronze docker was pulling on real rope hawser which followed through to the main entrance to the museum where it finished in a large coil. In 2015 the statue got a new place in front of the museum and had the rope cast in bronze.


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Location (N 49°10'56" - W 2°6'27")

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Item Code: je23; Photograph: 3 August 2015
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