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Saint Helier

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Lé Bouân Crapaud

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Saint Helier /  Lé Bouân Crapaud   Saint Helier /  Lé Bouân Crapaud


Sculpture of a Jersey crapaud - the site was originally marsh land, and the numerous toad colonies in the area are the source of the nickname commonly applied to Jersey people - on top of a 2.8 m (9-foot) tall column of polished Jersey granite into which is carved extracts from the Code Le Geyt of 1698 concerning crimes and applicable punishments:

code le geyt 1698 – of crimes and their punishment · petty larceny is on
the first occasion only punished by caning, on the second by the lash,
and the third by the lash with a cutting of an ear, banishment or
hanging · aggravated larceny is on the first occasion punished with
death · murder, that is to say, homicide with premeditation always
carries confiscation both of the body and of goods · parricides are
hanged, drawn and strangled on the gibbet · fornication for common
people is punished by the cane and adultery the whip, for other persons
there are pecuniary fines · bigamy, incest and rape are punished with
death · the punishment for perjury is the pillory · for aggravated crimes
such as poisoning, assassination, arson, the body remains on the gibbet
until it rots · in the case of sodomy and sorcery the criminal is drawn
and hanged and his body burned · every sentence involving loss of
life or limb must be executed solemnly after the publication with an
injunction to all school masters to bring their pupils to witness


Erected in 2004, as part of the commemoration of the octocentenary of Jersey's status of Crown Dependency, and in memory of the presence on the site between 1698 and 1812 of the island's prison.


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Location (N 49°11'6" - W 2°6'33")

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