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Saint Helier

The Parade

Sir George Don

Edinburgh 1756 - Gibraltar 1832
British Army military officer and colonial governor; his most important work was in military and defensive organisation against the threat of French invasion during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars; governor of Jersey, 1806-1814 and Gibraltar
Pierre Robinet
A. Durenne (Paris)

Saint Helier /  Sir George Don   Saint Helier /  Sir George Don


Cast iron statue of General Don with a roll in his hands, on a high pedestal. On the sides of the pedestal are the figures of Ceres, the Greek goddess of agriculture as a symbol of prosperity Don brought to Jersey, and Mercury, the messenger of the gods, here depicted because Don's road-building programme enabled swifter travel throughout Jersey. Another interpretation of Mercury, because of the presence of the anchor and, arguably, the wave-like cornucopia on his side, is that he is intended to represent the sea, and thus Ceres the land. Ceres' pose is static - like the land, while that of Mercury is fluid and coiled yet langourous - like the sea.

Saint Helier - Sir George Don
Saint Helier - Sir George Don




(side figures) A Durenne | paris

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served in jersey 1792-1793, 1806-1809 and 1810-1814.
on 21st may, 1810, presented by the militia with
gold-hilted sword. now in edinburgh war museum.
left jersey in 1814 to become governor of gibraltar
died 1st january, 1832, and buried on site of
gibraltar cathedral.
monument unveiled 29th october, 1885.

Saint Helier - Sir George Don


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Location (N 49°11'14" - W 2°6'37")

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