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The Waiting

Inaco Biancalana & Gionata Francesconi
Fonderia Mariani (Pietrasanta)

Viareggio /  L'Attessa   Viareggio /  L'Attessa


Biancalana's original sculpture dates from 1947 and is only 95 cm high. The main meaning of the work is hope. The statue depicts a family waiting anxiously for the arrival of the ship. The sculptor had always wanted his work near the sea, which he felt very fond of. In fact, after several attempts and permits, the town approved the placing of a bronze statue, larger in size. So Gionata Francesconi, one of the most well-known carpenters of the Viareggio carnival, accepted the project and made some personal changes to the work.


Inaco Biancalana
(Viareggio 1912 - 1991)


Gionata Francesconi – Fonderia Marlani - Pietrasanta

Information Sign

Inaco Biancalana (1912-1991)

Quest'opera, simbolo della Gente di Mare viareggina,
è state realizzata dall'artista Gionata Francesconi e riproduce
nel bronze quella di legno alta 85 cm. scolpita da Inaco nel 1947.
La scultura eterna la famiglia del navigante
in trepidante attesa del suo ritorno.
Le cinque figure figure celebrano l'immagine solenne della moglie, dei figli,
della madre e quella patriarcale del nonno al quale
si stringe con tenerezza la dolce bambina.

Viareggio, luglio 2007   Madeglie d'Oro di Lunga Navigazione
Premio "Gente di Mare"

Inaco Biancalana (1912-1991)

This sculpture, symbol of the seafarers of Viareggio,
has been realized by the artist Gionata Francesconi and reproduced
in bronze the wooden statue 85 cm. high which has been carved by Inaco in 1947.
This work immortalizes the seaman's family
in the anxious wait of his coming back.
The five figures celebrate the solemn images of the wife, the children,
the mother and the patriarchal one of the grandfather
' to whom the sweet girl narrows with tenderness.

Viareggio, july 2007   Long Period Navigation Golden Medals Premio "Gente di Mare"


We could only make photos from the pier, thus not all five figures are visible on our photos.

Viareggio - L'Attessa


Sources & Information


  • Country: Italy
  • Biancalana, Inaco
  • Figures (waiting)
  • Fishermans Wife
  • Francesconi, Gionata
  • Mariani (Pietrasanta), Fonderia
  • Sculpture in sea or lake
  • Woman with child
  • Women (5)
  • Locatie (N 43°51'48" - E 10°14'21") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: itto177; Photograph: 16 May 2017
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