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Piazza Alberica

Maria Beatrice d'Este

Modena 1750 - Wien/Vienna 1829
duchess of Massa and princess of Carrara from 1790 until 1796 and from 1815 until her death in 1829
Various sculptors

Carrara /  Maria Beatrice d'Este   Carrara /  Maria Beatrice d'Este


Marble statue of Maria Beatrice d'Este with a staff and a scroll, and an eagle at her foot, on a tall pedestal made by Lorenzo Bartolini enriched by bas-reliefs by three different sculptors. At the base of the pedestal there is a platform with steps ending against a sphinx (usually called 'il leone', the lion; copied after an exemplar in the Louvre) under which two streams of water pouring into a marble basin.

Carrara - Maria Beatrice d'Este
Carrara (right, with in the background the mountain, and the river god of the Carrione) and Minerva with the genius of sculpture (left)

Sculpted by Giovanni Tacca

Carrara - Maria Beatrice d'Este
Arunte (an Etruscan haruspex, character of Lucan's Pharsalia and quoted in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri) in the midst of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

Sculpted by Matteo Bogazzi

Carrara - Maria Beatrice d'Este
Maria Beatrice with Charity, Justice, and Religion

Sculpted by Giuseppe del Nero


in optatissimo adventv
dvlcis optimae svavissimaeqve
magistratvs et popvlvs carrariensis
exvltationis fidelitatis obseqvii
perpetvvm monvmentvm
anno salvtis mdcccxvi

Carrara - Maria Beatrice d'Este


Sources & Information


  • Bartolini, Lorenzo
  • Bogazzi, Matteo
  • Carrara (personification)
  • Carrione river (allegory)
  • Charity (Charitas)
  • Del Nero, Giuseppe
  • Eagle
  • Este, Maria Beatrice d'
  • Fontana, Pietro
  • Genius
  • Haruspex
  • Justice (allegory)
  • Lion
  • Monarch
  • Painting (art)
  • Religion
  • Sculpture (allegory)
  • Sphinx
  • Statue (woman)
  • Tacca, Giovanni
  • Locatie (N 44°4'46" - E 10°5'52") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: itto130; Photograph: 15 May 2017
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