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Arezzo (prov.)


Piazza del Duomo

Ferdinando I de' Medici

Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Firenze 1549 - Firenze 1609
Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1587 to 1609
Giambologna & Pietro Francavilla

Arezzo /  Ferdinando I de' Medici   Arezzo /  Ferdinando I de' Medici


Marble statue of the Grand Duke Ferdinando I. The statue was ereced by the people of Arezzo in tribute to the Duke - still alive - as a sign of gratitude for the reclamation of the Valdichiana which brought considerable improvements to the territory of Arezzo.

On the base are three coats of arms:

Arezzo - Ferdinando I de' Medici
Arezzo - Ferdinando I de' Medici
Savoy (?)
Arezzo - Ferdinando I de' Medici


D. O. M. A.
Fer. Med. M. D. E.
Aeris salvbritatis
Agrorvm fertilitatis
Locorvm amoenitatis
Pop. Arretinvs
tantorvm commodorvm
non immemor
Volens libensq. dicavit
an. domini mdxcv


MDXCIIII Joannes Bononia i[nvenit] Petrus Francavilla belga f[ecit] (no photo)


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Location (N 43°28'1" - E 11°52'57")

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Item Code: itto099; Photograph: 9 May 2017
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