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Arezzo (prov.)


Piazza Guido Monaco

Guido monaco

Guido of Arezzo

991/992 - after 1033
Italian music theorist of the Medieval era. He is regarded as the inventor of modern musical notation (staff notation)
Salvino Salvini

Arezzo /  Guido monaco   Arezzo /  Guido monaco


Marble statue of Guido holding his hand on the work he has left behind: the Antiphonary. On the pages of the book is an example of the music notation and a Latin text, from which Guido Monaco extracted the names for music notes: UT queant laxis / REsonare fibris / MIra gestorum / FAmuli tuorum / SOLve polluted / LAbii reatum / Sancte Iohannes. Subsequently, the note Ut was replaced by DO (by Dominus).
It stands on a marble cubic pedestal, with two bronze reliefs on its sides, and on the back side two emblems representing the Commune of Arezzo.

Arezzo - Guido monaco
Guido as choir master of the children's choir of the Arezzo cathedral

Arezzo - Guido monaco
Guido's death (?)

The bottom of the pedestal ends with a marble band in which the coats of arms of the regions of Italy.

Arezzo - Guido monaco
Arezzo - Guido monaco
Arezzo - Guido monaco
Arezzo - Guido monaco




s. salvini fece

Arezzo - Guido monaco


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Locatie (N 43°27'47" - E 11°52'41") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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