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Firenze (prov.)


Piazza Niccola Demidoff

Niccola Demidoff

Count Nikolai Nikitich Demidov

Николай Никитич Демидов
Chirkovitsy, Saint Petersburg Governorate 1773 - Firenze/Florence 1828
Russian industrialist, collector and arts patron of the Demidov family; Tsar Alexander I's ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Pasquale Romanelli & Lorenzo Bartolini

Firenze /  Niccola Demidoff   Firenze /  Niccola Demidoff


Large marble monument depicting, in the center, a statue of Count Demidoff, seated, embracing his son Anatoly*, while Gratitude lies by their side.

* Anatoly Nikolaievich Demidov, 1st Prince of San Donato (St. Petersburg 1813 - Paris 1870), Russian industrialist, diplomat and arts patron of the Demidov family (Wikipedia).

At the four corners are allegorical groups.

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff

La Misericordia (o La Carità) / Mercy

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff

La Siberia con il Dio Plauto / Siberia with the god Pluto

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff

La Musa dei festini / The Muse of Festivals

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff

La Verità che si disvela all'arte / Truth as it revealed to Art

On the sides and the back of the base, between the allegorical statues, are three reliefs:

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff
La Beneficenza di Anatolio Demidoff - The Charity of Anatoli Demidov

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff
Coat of arms of the Demidov family

Firenze - Niccola Demidoff
La morte di Niccolò Demidoff - The death of Nikolaj Demidov

The monument is shelved under a cast iron and glass roof in 1911.


il popolo di san niccolò
avesse ognora dinanzi memoria viva
del commendatore niccola demidoff
indefesso benefattore munifico
il figlio principe anatolio
al comune di firenze
questo monumento
donò mdccclxx


opera di lorenzo bartolini


Sources & Information


  • Charity (Charitas)
  • Coat of arms
  • Demidov, Anatoly
  • Demidov, Nikolai Nikitich
  • Gratitude
  • Muse of Festivals
  • Philanthropist
  • Pluto
  • Romanelli, Pasquale
  • Siberia (personification)
  • Statue (man sitting)
  • Truth
  • Location (N 43°45'54" - E 11°15'36")

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