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Firenze (prov.)


Piazza della Signoria
(Loggia dei Lanzi)

Sei figure di donna

Six Female Figures

Antique Roman or Greek sculptor
2nd century AD

Firenze /  Sei figure di donna   Firenze /  Sei figure di donna


On the back of the Loggia are five marble female statues (three are identified as Matidia, Marciana and Agrippina Minor - women of very high social status), and a statue of a barbarian prisoner Thusnelda from Roman times from the era of Trajan to Hadrian. They were discovered in Rome in 1541. The statues had been in the Medici villa at Rome since 1584 and were brought here by Pietro Leopoldo in 1789. They all have significant, modern restorations.

Firenze - Sei figure di donna

unnamed figure

Firenze - Sei figure di donna

unnamed figure

Firenze - Sei figure di donna

(born c. 10 BC)
Germanic noblewoman captured by Germanicus, the grandson of Augustus and leader of an army that invaded Germania (Wikipedia).

Firenze - Sei figure di donna

Salonia Matidia
(68 AD - 119 AD)
daughter and only child of Ulpia Marciana and wealthy praetor Gaius Salonius Matidius Patruinus (Wikipedia).

Firenze - Sei figure di donna

Ulpia Marciana
(48 AD - 112 AD)
elder sister of Roman Emperor Trajan (Wikipedia).

Firenze - Sei figure di donna

Agrippina Minor
(Cologne 15 AD - Misenum 59)
Roman Empress and one of the more prominent women in the Julio-Claudian dynasty (Wikipedia).

Firenze - Sei figure di donna


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Location (N 43°46'8" - E 11°15'19")

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Item Code: itto048; Photograph: 8 May 2017
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