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Firenze (prov.)


Piazza della Signoria
(Loggia dei Lanzi)

Ratto delle Sabine

Rape of the Sabine Women

The rape of the Sabine Women was an incident from Roman mythology, in which the men of Rome committed a mass abduction of young women from the other cities in the region. It has been a frequent subject of artists, particularly during the Renaissance and post-Renaissance eras

Firenze /  Ratto delle Sabine   Firenze /  Ratto delle Sabine


Marble sculpture depicting three figures (a man lifting a woman into the air while a second man crouches).

The square base has a bronze relief panel depicting the same story of the rape of the Sabine women.

Firenze - Ratto delle Sabine


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Location (N 43°46'9" - E 11°15'19")

Item Code: itto046; Photograph: 8 May 2017
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