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Cuccaro Monferrato
Alessandria (prov.)


Monumento del 500° anniversario

500th anniversary monument


Cuccaro Monferrato /  Monumento del 500° anniversario


Boulder with the name of the square.




Cuccaro is one of the villages in the surroundings of Genoa claiming to be the birth place of Christopher Columbus. A branch of the Colombo family lives (lived?) in this village. In 1893, Néstor Ponce de Léon wrote about this village in his chapter on Columbus portraits (p. 14):
"There is a picture at Cuccaro in the house of Fidele Guglielmo Colombo, which has been preserved for long years by the branch of the Colombo family residing in this place. Cuccaro also claims to be the birthplace of Columbus, and the family asserts in addition that this is the original Jovius portrait, but according to experts it is only a poor copy of it. (…) Feuillet de Conches says that there is another portrait in the Castle of Cuccaro, and that tjhis is the only copy of the Florence portrait."

I visited Cuccaro on 8 August 2001 and found, except for the street names after him, three memorials of Columbus, all dating from 1992:

  1. The Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo: a little square, in fact a small parking place for ten cars, with a large memorial stone, illustrated above.
  2. A plaque at the Municipio.
  3. A plaque at the Parish house.
Here is a interactive map with the locations of the monuments.

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Location (N 44°59'33" - E 8°27'22")

Item Code: itpi003; Photograph: 8 August 2001
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