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Genova (prov.)


Ferrada, Via C. Colombo 53

Affresco con Colombo, Dante e Petrarca

Fresco showing Columbus, Dante and Petrarca


Moconesi /  Affresco con Colombo, Dante e Petrarca   Moconesi /  Affresco con Colombo, Dante e Petrarca


In the village of Ferrada (belonging to Moconesi) Columbus is depicted on a fresco on the house. Other figures depicted are Dante and Petrarca.


Moconesi, a municipality consisting of several villages and hamlets in the valley of the Lavagna is the place where Columbus's ancestors lived. The village is mentioned in the document of April 21, 1429: it is the birthplace of Christopher's grandfather, Giovanni Columbus.

The hamlet where the Columbus ancestral house is located is named Terrarossa. At the occasion of the 400th aniversary of the discovery of America the hamlet is officially renamed "Terrarossa Colombo".

Here we find the following memorials:

  1. Columbus ancestral home at the west end of the hamlet.
  2. A plaque on one of the walls of the old hamlet.
  3. A plaque on the provincial road of 1889.
  4. A modern art monument opposite the 1889 plaque.

    Furthermore, in the village of Ferrada (also belonging to Moconesi) is:

  5. a fresco on the house on Via C. Colombo 53.
Here is a interactive map with the locations of the memorials.

There are three other monuments in the Lavagna valley: in Cicagna, San Colombano Certenoli, and Lavagna respectively.


Locatie (N 44°25'14" - E 9°12'34") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: itli034; Photograph: 11 August 2001
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