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Genova (prov.)


Piazza Dante

Rilievi su Piazza Dante

Reliefs on Piazza Dante

artist unknown

Genova /  Rilievi su Piazza Dante   Genova /  Rilievi su Piazza Dante


This relief is on the building of the Riunione Adriatica di Sicurità (RAS) on the Piazza Dante, close to the Casa di Colombo. It looks to me that this relief shows Columbus's fleet and Columbus in the hand of a personification of an insurance company. On the other side of the building is a relief showing a boy (young Columbus?) in front of the Porta Soprana. (Please correct me if I am wrong and this is all wishful thinking!).



Location (N 44°24'18" - E 8°56'8")

Item Code: itli022; Photograph: 9 August 2001
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