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Parma (prov.)


Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 1c (side Borgo San Vitale)
(Palazzo comunale)

Ercole e Anteo

Hercules and Antaeus

Heracles (Ἡρακλῆς), Latin: Hercules
divine hero in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Alcmene
Theodoor Van der Struck

Parma /  Ercole e Anteo   Parma /  Ercole e Anteo


Bronze sculpture depicting the struggle between the mythological hero Hercules and the giant Anteo. The sculpture is also known as I du brasè (in Parmesan dialect 'The two embraced'). Originally placed in front of the Garden Palace, it was moved several times to be finally placed close to the town hall, near the church of San Vitale, above the fountain designed by Paolo Toschi in 1829.

The present statue on that location is a copy made in 2003, The original is in the Palazzo Cortile.


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Location (N 44°48'4" - E 10°19'43")

Item Code: iter214; Photograph: 15 May 2017
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