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Parma (prov.)


Piazza della Pace

Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi

Monument for Giuseppe Verdi

Le Roncole 1813 - Milano 1901
Italian opera composer
Ettore Ximenes

Parma /  Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi   Parma /  Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi


The very large monument is only the central part of the even larger original monument, which was for a large part destroyed in 1944.

The preserved part shows a large relief at the front, and a smaller relief at the back.

Parma - Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi
The front relief shows in the center of Giuseppe Verdi in meditation, surrounded by the Muses that seem to whisper to him Inspiration, Melody, Song, Rhythm of Dance, Love and Death.

The back is divided into three separate high-reliefs, representing:

Parma - Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi
The approval by the Province of Parma of its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy (12 September 12, 1859).

Parma - Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi
The triumphal welcome of Verdi in Turin, with the famous episodic 'Viva V.E.R.D.I.' [V.E.R.D.I. = Vittorio Emanuele Re D'Italia].
Verdi was one of the Parma delegates to bring the outcome of the plebiscite to King Vittorio Emanuele II..

Parma - Monumento a Giuseppe Verdi
The scene of the delivery of the outcome of the plebiscite by Verdi and other delegates to the king (15 September 1859).


12 settembre 1859

sacra all'unita' della patria
per voto unanime dei rappresentanti del popolo
proponenti giuseppe verdi ed altri animosi
ribelle ai divieti di villafranca e di zurigo
le secolari autonomie e la corona ducale
il xii settembre mdccclix
quel voto di genti libere
auspicio di nuove piu' alte fortune d'italia
giuseppe verdi recava al gran re
il xv settembre mdccclix

15 settembre 1859

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Location (N 44°48'18" - E 10°19'38")

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