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Reggio nell'Emilia
Reggio nell'Emilia (prov.)


Parco del Popolo

Matteo Maria Boiardo

Scandiano 1441 - Reggio nell Emilia 1494
Italian poet
Riccardo Secchi

Reggio nell'Emilia /  Matteo Maria Boiardo   Reggio nell'Emilia /  Matteo Maria Boiardo


Stone statue.


Signore di Scandiano ove nacqve
governatore di Reggio
1434 – 1494

Information Sign

Translation of the sign for this statue and the one of Ludovico Ariosto, from Municipio di Reggio Emilia:

The statues, the work of sculptor Riccardo Secchi, were made in 1916 for the Palazzo della Cassa di Risparmio in Reggio Emilia. In the years between 1925 and 1926, it was decided to move them to Piazza Cesare Battisti, under the porticoes of Palazzo del Monte di Pietà. This decision was motivated by the disproportion between the height of the statues and the ceiling height of the Cassa di Risparmio Palace. The transport took place in October 1926. In the 1930's the statues were donated by the Cassa di Risparmio to the Municipality of Reggio. In the forties of the last century, the problem was again to find a more suitable place for them. A commission was nominated which proposed the new Piazza della Vittoria near the Municipal Theater. Around this decision, a heated debate kicked off, involving the citizens of Reggio and interrupted with the onset of World War II. In December 1952, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Palazzo del Monte, the statues were stored awaiting a new arrangement. In 1953, by decision of the Communal Buildings and Artistic Committee, the marbles were placed in the public gardens, where they are still located. An exhaustive description of the works was made by Naborre Campanini, who wrote about the statue of Boiardo as saying: "The statue depicts him with his left hand grasping the elsa of the sword and with the right he clutches the poem that the foreign invasion interrupted, interrupting Life." The statue of Ariosto was instead described as follows: "Lodovico Ariosto is a young man of twenty years, who had precisely the death of Boiardo, whose continuation was the epic of the Orli Furioso; Titian painted him in the portrait in London, as he liked to remember, walking in the woods of Mount Jaco or Mauriziano's garden, the Villa Verde of Sigismondo Malaguzzi, his cousin, drawing inspiration from the places Amenies of the native nest." The statues are placed on original pedestals bearing, on the right side the inscription: "R. Secchi fecit." Lower stands are instead added; The originals were lost. The statues are currently being restored.


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Location (N 44°42'11" - E 10°37'50")

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