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Modena (prov.)


Corso Accademia Militare 15
(Palazzo Ducale)

Ercole e Marco Emilio Lepido

Hercules and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus

Prospero Sogari 'il Clemente'
c. 1565

Modena /  Ercole e Marco Emilio Lepido


Two marble statues flanking the entrance of the Ducal Palace, Hercules with a three-headed dog en the Roman statesman Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.

Modena - Ercole e Marco Emilio Lepido
Ercole / Hercules
(Ἡρακλῆς), Latin: Hercules, divine hero in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Alcmene (Wikipedia).
Modena - Ercole e Marco Emilio Lepido
Marco Emilio Lepido / Marcus Aemilius Lepidus
(Rome c. 90 BC - San Felice Cicero 13 BC)
Roman patrician who was triumvir with Octavian (the future Augustus) and Mark Antony, and the last Pontifex Maximus of the Roman Republic


(on Lepidus' belt) proper clemen. regien.


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Locatie (N 44°38'53" - E 10°55'44") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: iter156; Photograph: 14 May 2017
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