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Sneem - An tSnaidhm
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The Way the Fairies Went


Sneem - An tSnaidhm /  The Way the Fairies Went   Sneem - An tSnaidhm /  The Way the Fairies Went


Rock with a relief of an Egyptian and the text "The Way the Fairies Went" and 'Built by F·S' serves as a name sign for a small park with several pyrimids in different shapes buit from rocks. Nearby is also a statue of the Egyption goddess Isis (somehow, we missed that).

Information Sign


Na Pirimidi
'The Way the Fairies Went' of Sneem Pyramids

This project was begun in 1988, financed by the Arts Council of Ireland
as a result of Sneem winning the National Tidy Towns Award the
previou year. Inspired by the people and the place, Irish artist James Scanlon felt the
workers involved became the medium more than anything else and also
the idea. It was their character and way of doing things that became the
core or the endeavour.
Using stone and coloured glass he and his team have created a magical
effect, marrying the natural to the human world.

Take a walk between the Pyramids and, with the sound of the river
nearby and the birdsong all around you, the call of the Fairies may
also be felt!

Sneem is world renowned for it's public sculpture - take the time to
wander around and enjoy them in this most picturesque village.

Sneem - An tSnaidhm / The Way the Fairies Went

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Location (N 51°50'14" - W 9°54'1")

Item Code: ie210; Photograph: 17 June 2014
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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