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Clonakilty - Cloich na Coillte
Co. Cork - Corcaigh

Asna Square

Battle of the Big Cross Monument

Commemorates the ill-fated rising of Tadgh O'Donovan Asna and his followers against British forces near Shannonvale in 1798
John F. Davis

Clonakilty - Cloich na Coillte /  Battle of the Big Cross Monument   Clonakilty - Cloich na Coillte /  Battle of the Big Cross Monument


Stone statue of a revolutionary soldier with a battle axe. The lighting represents the older solders, or 'pikemen' who stood alongside Tadhg.

The statue commemorates the illfated rising of Tadhg O'Donovan Asna and his followers against the British forces near Shannonvale in 1798. It was unveiled by Monsignor O'Leary P.P. on November 26th 1905, the pedestal having been completed for some time before this, when it was decided, during the centenary celebrations of 1898 to erect a statue to commemorate the rising.


To the memory
the men who fought and fell
the battle of the Big Cross
19th june 1798

They rose in dark and evil days
      To right their native land:
They kindled here a living blaze
      That nothing shall withstand.

by the
"98" association
19th june 1898
God save Ireland

Then here's their memory - may it be
      For us a guiding light.
To cheer our strife for liberty,
      And teach us to unite-

I ndíl-cuiṁne na breas a tsoid 7 a
ṫuit i gcat na Croise móire 19 . 6 . 1798
Go saosaid dia Éire

d'eirigeadas i laetiḃ duḃa ar uile
cun a dtíre dúṫċais do ṡaorad
lasadar teine annso
náċ feidir a cur i n-eag

Cuis Compantas '98 Clanna-Caoilte
an leaċt-cuiṁne so suas 19 . 6 . 1898.

Go mba solus 7 solas dúinn in ás
gcaṫ as son saoirse a gcuiṁne: 7 go
múinid sé dúinn cus le céile

Who has a better transcription and translation of the Irish texts?


j.f. davis sculptor


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