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Cobh - An Cóbh
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The Navigator

Mary Gregoriy

Cobh - An Cóbh /  The Navigator   Cobh - An Cóbh /  The Navigator


Sculpture depicting 'a Christ like figure sitting in a boat, which may in fact be a bathtub. It is supposed to represent the guiding force of a benevolent Christ helping weak and vulnerable human beings as we battle against life's storms. The figure cradles a paper boat in his large hands. This represents the fragile and tenuous nature of our existence. Gently he sets the boat down onto life's troubled waters. The piece contains the hope that he will always remain in the background to steer and guide us. A sextant leans against the rear of the boat and a compass lies at the base - the tools of the Navigator's trade' (desctription from the Cork County Council website).

Cobh - An Cóbh / The Navigator
Cobh - An Cóbh / The Navigator Cobh - An Cóbh / The Navigator Cobh - An Cóbh / The Navigator


The Navigator


M. Gregoriy '00


commissioned by Cork County Council for the millenium celebrations

Cobh - An Cóbh / The Navigator


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Location (N 51°50'58" - W 8°17'44")

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Item Code: ie135; Photograph: 15 June 2014
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