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Kuckländer Mária szobor

The Kuckländer Madonna

The mother of Jesus Christ
18th century sculptor

Esztergom /  Kuckländer Mária szobor   Esztergom /  Kuckländer Mária szobor


Sandstone statue of Saint Mary with child on a quadratic column.


The inscriptions are almost not readable and are copied from the Köztérkép website:

SISTE VIATOR ET tVos hIC Magnae DeL genItrICI Monstra saCros et
DeVotos affeCtVs Vt haeC Det paCeM Vngaro aC Lve MaLa Depastras Vrbes
MVnDaret* CVnCtas.
Stop by, traveler, and show your holy and pious devotions
here to the great Mother of God, so that this may give peace to Hungary
and clean all cities devastated by the evil curse**.
hac ne vade via qvin dicas ave maria. Do not go away from here without praying a Hail Mary
hanc statuam honori b.m.v. oettinganae extrui curavit
excelltissima ac illustrissima domina nata a truchlin
benigna maria kuklender in anno 1710. i. maji.
* Köztérkép says MVnDnet
** = the plague of 1710, probably also in a metaphorical sense: the Turks

The chronogram in the first text is for 2826 (first line), 4025 (second line) and 1710 (third line).


The Kuckländer Madonna is the oldest open-air memorial of Esztergom. This statue is a copy of the so-called Madonna of Altötting, a linden-wood statue of c. 1300. It was placed by Báró Kuckländer Ferenc, commander of Esztergom from 1706-1719.

Depictions of Saint Mary

Saint Mary, as the mother of Jesus Christ, has a central role in the life of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic veneration of her as the Blessed Virgin Mary has grown over time both in importance and manifestation, not only in prayer but in art, poetry and music. She is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman, with a (blue) mantle. In the majority of the depictions she is having the Infant Jesus in her arms or on her lap.
Attributes of Saint Mary: The Infant Jesus sometimes has some attributes too:


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Locatie (N 47°47'54" - E 18°44'14") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: huke027; Photograph: 6 September 2012
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