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Boldog Gizella királyné

Blessed Queen Gisela

Blessed Gisela of Hungary (c. 985 - Passau 1065)
first queen consort of Hungary as the spouse of Saint Stephen of Hungary
Nagy Benedek

Mór /  Boldog Gizella királyné   Mór /  Boldog Gizella királyné


Bronze statue of Queen Gisella with a deer on a bronze column. At her feet the text boldog / GIZELLA / királyné (The Blessed Queen Gisela), and a sceptre with magyar millennium 2000. On the capital are reliefs showing

Mór - Boldog Gizella királyné Mór - Boldog Gizella királyné Mór - Boldog Gizella királyné Mór - Boldog Gizella királyné
  1. a saint and the queen with a church model,
  2. a crucifix, with the text "felemel a foro ószéllel / libbenő testnél / ósido külisege" / t. nagy irén (translation?
  3. a tree with a dove and
  4. some trees.
Above this the text ajánlom e szobrot mór város tiszteletere első királynénk dicsőségere nagy benedek 2001 (I recommend this statue on the town square of Mór in honor of the glorious King, Benedek Nagy, 2001).



The statue of the Bavarian Queen is a symbol of the peaceful co-existence of the German minority and the Hungarians in Mór.

Mór - Boldog Gizella királyné


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Location (N 47°22'22" - E 18°12'29")

Item Code: hufe032; Photograph: 8 September 2012
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