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Szent Imre

Saint Emeric

(Székesfehérvár c. 1007 - 1031)
son of King St. Stephen I of Hungary
Lux Elek
1935 (1991)

Székesfehérvár /  Szent Imre   Székesfehérvár /  Szent Imre


Limestone statue of the prince.




The statue was finished in 1935 but unveiled only on 19 May 1938, at the same time as the Turkish Well, and the statues of Wathai, Varkocs and Kálmáncsai at the 900th anniversary of the death of St. Stephen.

The statue was damaged in World War II. The head is disconnected, and preserved in the Town Hall, the body was buried in the garden of the Bishop's Palace. It was found in the early '90s and restored by sculptor Székely János Jenő.


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Location (N 47°11'28" - E 18°24'32")

Item Code: hufe018; Photograph: 8 September 2012
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