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Budapest Főváros

Kodály Körönd (VI.)

Zrínyi Miklós

Nikola Zrinski

(1620 Čakovec, Croatia - Kuršanec near Čakovec 1664)
Croatian and Hungarian military leader, statesman and poet. He was a member of House of Zrinski, a native Croatian noble family
Róna József
A.M. Beschorner (Újpest)

Budapest /  Zrínyi Miklós   Budapest /  Zrínyi Miklós


Bronze statue of Zrinski with flag and sword. At the foot of the pedestal a stone scupture of a dead Turk.

Budapest - Zrínyi Miklós Budapest - Zrínyi Miklós


Zrinyi Miklos

Signed: beschorner fele mürdczontode budapest


Kodály Körönd

Kodály Körönd (Kodály Circus) is an elegant square at the intersection of Andrássy Avenue and Felsőerdősor u., with beautifully painted old buildings and statues of four of Hungary's great heroes in each corner, constructed c. 1900. Two of the statues were replaced in the 1950s, when the original statues were included in the Millenium monument, a third was replaced also.
  1. Vak Bottyán János, by Kiss Kovács Gyula 1958 (originally Bethlen Gábor, by ifj. Vastagh György 1902).
  2. Zrínyi Miklós, by Róna József, 1902.
  3. Balassi Bálint, 1959 (originally Pálffy János gr, by Senyei Károly, 1905, which was torn down in 1955 and is now in the History Museum).
  4. Szondi György, by Marton László 1958 (originally Bocskay István by Holló Barnabás, 1903).

Budapest - Szondi György

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Location (N 47°30'34" - E 19°4'13")

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Item Code: hubp100; Photograph: 8 September 2012
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