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Budapest Főváros

Szentháromság tér (I.)
(Halászbástya (Fisher's bastion))

Szent István király

Saint Stephen I of Hungary

Esztergom 967-75 - Esztergom or Székesfehérvár 1038
Grand Prince of the Hungarians (997-1000) and the first King of Hungary (1000-1038)
Stróbl Alajos & Schulek Frigyes

Budapest /  Szent István király   Budapest /  Szent István király


Bronze equestrial statue. King Stephen in royal robes with the crown of Hungary and a double cross, sitting on a richly decorated horse. The figure is 4 m high and the base is 5.4 m high.

The upper section of the base shows circular medallions between pillars, with sitting lions on the corners. The medallions show:

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Budapest - Szent István király
Budapest - Szent István király
Budapest - Szent István király
Budapest - Szent István király
Budapest - Szent István király
Budapest - Szent István király
  1. (front) Lamb of God,
  2. (left) Symbols of St. John the Evangelist (eagle, SzT JÁNOS) and St. Mark (winged lion, SzT MARK)
  3. (right): Symbols of St. Matthew (Angel, SzT MATÉ) and St. Luke (winged bull, SzT LUKÁCS)
  4. (back): the double cross.

The lower part of the base shows four reliefs of outstanding moments of Stephen's reign. Being famous for his humor Stróbl Alajos depicted several friends, family members and other figures of his tme in these scenes.

  1. (right) Coronation. King Stephen is crowned by Saint Astrik of Pannonhalma, in the presence of his wife Queen Gisela.

    Budapest - Szent István király

    This relief shows 18 figures, among others (the numbers are the order numbers of the persons counting from left to right):

    1. 5 Franz Liszt (1756-1791), composer (the priest holding the double cross) (Wikipedia).
    2. 6 Rauscher Lajos (1845-1914), graphic designer, a friend of Stróbl (the bishop crowning Stephen).
    3. 7 Alpár Ignác (1855-1928), architect, designer of the Vajdahunyad castle in the city park (soldier with shield standing behind Stephen) (Wikipedia).
    4. 8 Thaly Kálmán (1839-1909), poet (Wikipedia).
    5. 9 Wekerle Sándor (1848-1921), prime minister of Hungary 1892-95 (Wikipedia).
    6. 10 Fadrusz János (1858-1903), sculptor (Wikipedia).
    7. 11 Hauszmann Alajos (1847-1926), architect (Wikipedia).
    8. 12 the mother of Stróbl Alajos (woman with folded hands).
    9. 13 Queen Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph (Queen Gisella). (Wikipedia).

  2. (front) Legislation, King Stephen sitting on a throne, with right his son Emeric (Imre) and left Bishop Gellért.

    Budapest - Szent István király

  3. (back) Church building.
    An architect offers the king a church model.

    Budapest - Szent István király

    1. 1 Schulek Frigyes, the architect of the monument (kneeling figure with church model)
    2. 3 Rauscher Lajos (second time) (the priest behind the king).
    3. 4 Lotz Károly (1833-1904), painter (behind the priest) (Wikipedia).
    4. 5 Stróbl Alajos.

  4. (left) Vienna tribute. Stephen took Vienna in 1030.

    Budapest - Szent István király

    1. 1 Munkácsy Mihály (1844-1900), painter (Wikipedia).
    2. 9 Dr. Karl Lueger (1844-1910), mayor of Vienna 1897-1910 (figure bowing for king Stephen) (Wikipedia).
In the reliefs are also Jókai Mór and Gyula Benczúr depicted.



strobl álajos szobrászművesz
schulek frigyes epítőművesz
alkotása 1906

Budapest - Szent István király


Sources & Information


  • Eagle
  • Elisabeth (Empress of Austria)
  • Equestrian statue
  • Evangelists (Four)
  • Fadrusz, János
  • Gyula, Benczúr
  • Hauszmann, Alajos
  • Jókai, Mór
  • Liszt, Franz
  • Lotz Károly
  • Lueger, Karl
  • Matthew, St.
  • Mayor
  • Monarch
  • Munkácsy, Mihály
  • Rauscher, Lajos
  • Schulek, Frigyest
  • Schulek Frigyes
  • Stephen I of Hungary, St.
  • Stróbl Alajos
  • Thaly, Kálmán
  • Wekerle, Sándor
  • Writer / poet
  • Locatie (N 47°30'6" - E 19°2'5") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: hubp064; Photograph: 7 September 2012
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