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Bay Islands) El Soldado Beach (Guanaja

Mestizo Reef, Posada del Sol resort

Mestizo Reef Sculptures


El Soldado Beach (Guanaja, Bay Islands) /  Mestizo Reef Sculptures   El Soldado Beach (Guanaja, Bay Islands) /  Mestizo Reef Sculptures


Mestizo Reef Sculptures, featuring an underwater bust of Christopher Columbus and the Honduran Indian Lempira (for whom the Honduran currency is named). The sculptures were deliberately sunk in 65 feet of water by Guajana resort Posada del Sol, for the enjoyment of Bay Islands Scuba divers.


The building was a visitor center under construction funded by the Spanish Government to commemorate the 1504 landing here by Columbus--a place he called Isla de Pinos.
Hurricane Mitch, May 1999, destroyed the visitor center completely except for a few house posts.

From: Go Central America:
Recently, the owners of Guanaja’s Posada Del Sol resort created a dive site called Mestizo Reef to honor Christopher Columbus. Among other artifacts, it includes a partial shipwreck, cannons, a 16th century bell, and two sculpted busts of Columbus himself.

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