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Saint Peter Port

Candie Gardens

Victor Hugo

Besançon 1802 - Paris 1885
French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights activist and exponent of the Romantic movement in France
Jean Boucher

Saint Peter Port /  Victor Hugo   Saint Peter Port /  Victor Hugo


Limestone statue of Victor Hugo with a stick of bronze and hat in hand, his coat and scarf flying in the wind, his right hand tugging at his beard and his head down against the storm. The statue stands on a limestone block with Victor Hugo's signature and the dates of his birth and death, 1802 and 1885. The whole is placed on a block of Guernsey granite carved by local stonemasons.



Victor Hugo


Don de la France a L Angleterre
Et á L Ile de Guernesey

Ce Monument, oeuvre de Jean Boucher,
A été erigé
Le 7 Juillet 1914,
Par les soins de la Société Victor Hugo,
En présence de
M. Augagneur, Ministre de L'Instruction Publique
Representant le gouvernment de la
Republique Francaise rocher d'hospitalite et de liberte
a ce coin de vielle terre normande
ou vit le noble petit peuple de la mer
a l'ile de guernesey, severe et douce...



Unveiled 7 July 1914. Victor Hugo spent 15 years years in exile on Guernsey (1855-1870) and it was during this time that he wrote several of his famous books, including Les Miserables.

Saint Peter Port - Victor Hugo


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