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(Cholmley House, garden)

The Whitby Wyrm or Cholmley Griffin

artist unknown

Whitby /  The Whitby Wyrm <i>or</i> Cholmley Griffin   Whitby /  The Whitby Wyrm <i>or</i> Cholmley Griffin


Sculpture of a wingless lindwurm. It could be that the Whitby Wyrm is meant, according to the legend the great fire-breathing Wyrm was disturbed from his slumber in the mountain during the building of the Whitby Abbey. He attempted to destroy the town but was banished into the sea. Every seven years he returns at full moon to attempt to drag the abbey into the sea by clawing away at the cliff on which it stands. This wyrm must have at least wings...
Another possibility is that it represent the griffin, which sits on the Cholmley coat of arms. This was said at the reception. However, the sculpture is certainly no griffin, that animal should have wings, legs and an eagle's head.
Others see a snake in the sculpture.

In 2004 the garden was designed and implemented by Weddle Landscape Design, based in Sheffield.

Whitby - The Whitby Wyrm <i>or</i> Cholmley Griffin


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Location (N 54°29'13" - W 0°36'29")

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Item Code: gbyh189; Photograph: 31 July 2019
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