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Woodhouse Lane
(Woodhouse Moor Park)

Queen Victoria

London 1819 - Osborne House 1901
Queen of Great-Britain, 1837-1901
sir George Frampton

Leeds /  Queen Victoria   Leeds /  Queen Victoria


Statue of Queen Victoria in the coronation robes, with crown, sceptre and orb (which is missing), sitting on a throne. It stands on a large pedestal, with on the long sides allegorical figures of peace and industry (the latter is missing).
On the small sides are the royal coat of arms (front) and that of Leeds (back). On the frieze of the base are inscribed the names india, africa, australia and canada. and on the eight corners is the Leeds owl.

The statue is unveiled on 27 November 1905 by the Mayor Edwin Woodhouse. It stood originally in front of the Town Hall.

Leeds - Queen Victoria
Leeds - Queen Victoria
Industry (missing)
inserted is the drawing from the Leeds Mercury, 1905

Leeds - Queen Victoria
Royal coat of arms
Leeds - Queen Victoria
Coat of arms of Leeds

Leeds - Queen Victoria
The Leeds owl.


volvntary svbscription
citizens of leeds
in the year


(Victoria and Peace) geo frampton r.a. 1905

Leeds - Queen Victoria


Sources & Information


  • Country: Great Britain
  • Coat of arms
  • Frampton, sir George
  • Monarch
  • Owl
  • Peace (Pax)
  • Statue (woman sitting)
  • Victoria (Queen of Great-Britain)
  • Locatie (N 53°48'40" - W 1°33'28") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: gbyh133; Photograph: 28 July 2019
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