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Michael Thomas Sadler

Snelston, Derbyshire 1780 - Belfast 1835
British philanthropist; Member of Parliament; Poor Law administrator in Leeds
Patric Park

Leeds /  Michael Thomas Sadler   Leeds /  Michael Thomas Sadler


Marble statue of Sadler in classical dress.

The reviewer of the Leeds Intelligencer was not very satified with the statue:

The subscription statue to the memory the late Michael Thomas Sadler, Esq., by Park, is now to be seen in the Exhibition of the Royal Academy at the National Gallery, London. It of white marble and of the natural height. The execution is good in parts, but, whole, the effect is not what we could have wished. There is a defect in the likeness; and the forehead is disagreeably prominent and compressed. This arises, however, out of the difficulty an artist has to contend with, in such cases, who never saw the original; and that was Mr. Park's case. The anatomy the statue does great credit to the sculptor, and the left hand is executed in truly admirable style. Perhaps Mr. Park may be led to retouch some parts the figure, especially the forehead.


born at doveridge in the county of derby
from e..ply youth an inhabitant of this town
endowed with great natural ??
a splendid imagination, a feeling heart, and a inoviring mind
he cultivated... with success, amidst the distraction of trade
the elegancies of polite literature
a...elvere.. study of political and social economy
exhibited in his works in ireland and the law of population
the display on various occasions
... copious eloquence peculiarly his own
... defence of the protestant faith
of the rights of humanity and of teh british constitution
secured him unsought for a seat in the house of commons
and he represented the boroughs of newark
and allborough in three successive parliaments
he distinguished himself in the senate
as the sole defender of the institutions of his country
and by strenuously advocating measures to
secure a legal provision for the
poor of ireland
and for ameliorating the condition of factory children
he died at belfast july 29th 1835
aged 55 years
his remains rest in ballylesson churchyard
by his numerous private and political friends
this monument had been erected
to hand down to posterity the name of
a scholar a patriot and a practical philanthropist


[park] sculptor london 1837


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Location (N 53°48'31" - W 1°33'23")

Item Code: gbyh131; Photograph: 28 July 2019
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