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Millennium Square
(Leeds Civic Hall)

Putti with animals

Hermon Cawthra

Leeds /  Putti with animals   Leeds /  Putti with animals


At the front of Civic hall are four putti with various animals.

From the Shipley Times and Express, 26 August 1933:

Mr. Cawthra has been responsible for the sculptures which he has modelled on little boys he has watched at play in the streets outside his studio in Fulham, London. Though did not have particular model he evolved a composite picture of chubby, sturdy children. This has found charming expression in the stone figures in front of the building(...). There are four groups of statuary representing pastoral scenes, two a boy with a goat, one of boy with swan, and one of a boy with a turkey. Each is about 4ft. sin. high or about double life-size, and Mr. Cawthra spent two years — on and off - working on them. A fifth sculpture is over the door of the councillors’ entrance. It is of an owl, emblematic of Leeds, in whose coat-of-arms it figures, and wisdom. Surrounding it is wreath of flowers and oak and laurel leaves. The owl stands on the keystone of the doorway.

Leeds - Putty with animals
Putto with swan
Leeds - Putty with animals
Putto with goat
Leeds - Putty with animals
Putti with turkey
Leeds - Putty with animals
Putto with goat

Because of the closure of the Millennium Square for a festival, it was not possible to make good photos of the two putti on the right side.


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  • Country: Great Britain
  • Boy with goat
  • Boy with swan
  • Boy with turkey
  • Cawthra, Hermon
  • Goat
  • Putto
  • Swan
  • Turkey
  • Location (N 53°48'6" - W 1°32'55")

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