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Haley Hill / All Souls Road

Edward Akroyd

1810 - 1887
English textile manufacturer
John Birnie Philip & Ceccardo Fucigna
H. Young & co. (London)

Halifax /  Edward Akroyd   Halifax /  Edward Akroyd


Statue of Edward Akroyd standing erect wearing formal dress with a frock quote.
Unveiled 29 July 1876 by Joshua Appleyard, former mayor of Halifax chairman of the statue committee.

The statue was designed by J. Birnie Philip, who died before it was finished. It was completed by Ceccardo Fucigna, who also made the three reliefs with scenes from Akroyd's life from photographs.

Halifax - Edward Akroyd
erected by his fellow
townsmen. mdccclxxxv

The whole panel has been treated in the Cinque Cento style, from drawings by Mr. Swindon Barber, F.R.I.B.A., and has been worked by Messrs. John Freeman and Sons.

The other three are alto relievo panels, representing events in the life Colonel Akroyd. They have been designed and modelled by Signor Fucigna from photographs. All have been cast by Messrs. Young and Co., Pimlico.

Halifax - Edward Akroyd
One panel represents the cutting of the first sod of the Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax Railway, of which Col. Akroyd was chairman, Oct. 21st, 1846, and includes portraits the late Mr. Jon. Akroyd, Colonel Akroyd, Lord Morpeth (who trundled the barrow), the Right Hon. Mr. [Charles] Wood (now Lord Halifax) who cut the rod, and afterwards addressed the people from the barrow: Colonel [Joshua] Pollard; Mr. (now Sir John) Hawkshaw, engineer of the line; the Rev. W. Smith, curate of the Parish Church, who offered prayer on the occasion.
[Note: the line was in 1846 called West-Riding Union Railway, see report in the Leeds Times, 24 October 1846 (British Newspaper Archive).]
Halifax - Edward Akroyd
Another panel represents the laying of the corner stone of All Souls’ Church, April 25th, 1856, the persons represented being Mr. Joshua Appleyard, the then mayor; Col. Akroyd, Bishop Longley, then of Ripon; the Rev. Canon Fawcett, the Ven. Archdeacon Musgrave, Mr. Richard Carter, now Mayor of Barnsley, and then P.M. of the Lodge of Probity; the Rev. C.R. Holmes, incumbent-designate; Mr. (now Sir) Geo. Gilbert Scott, the architect.

* The statue stands in a small park next to the All Souls' Church

Halifax - Edward Akroyd
The remaining panel is emblematic of Colonel Akroyd’s connection with Fourth West York Rifle Volunteers. The colonel is represented on horseback. At the sides are Major Ingram, Major Holdsworth, and Captain Holroyde. In the background is a file of volnunteers.
Descriptions from the Bradford Daily Telegraph, 31 July 1876


j.b. philips Sc. 1875.
r. masefield &. co
Founders london
(relief) young & co art founders pimlico


Sources & Information


  • Carter, Richard
  • Entrepeneur
  • Fawcett, Canon
  • Fucigna, Ceccardo
  • Halifax, Lord
  • Hawkshaw, John
  • Holdsworth, Major
  • Holmes, C.R.
  • Holroyde, Captain
  • Ingram, Major
  • Longley, Charles Thomas
  • Morpeth, Lord
  • Musgrave, Thomas
  • Philip, John Birnie
  • Pollard, Joshua
  • Scott, George Gilbert
  • Smith, Rev.
  • Statue
  • Young & co. (London), H.
  • Location (N 53°43'48" - W 1°51'46")

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