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(Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale)
West Yorkshire

Yorkshire & Humberside

Dean Clough
(Bowling Mill)

Three Heads

Edward Cronshaw
c. 1990

Halifax /  Three Heads   Halifax /  Three Heads


Three stone heads in three niches in the east facade of the Bowling Mill. One head has large ears, the second has an open mouth and the third has its eyes closed.

Halifax - Three Heads Halifax - Three Heads Halifax - Three Heads

The right most niche is hard to see because of the bushes, and because it was raining while we were there, we didn't try to make a photo from in between the bushes. Artistic director of Dean Clough Galleries, Vic Allen, made for us a photo when it was dry!


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Location (N 53°43'41" - W 1°51'40")

Item Code: gbyh092; Photograph: 27 July 2019
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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