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(Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale)
West Yorkshire

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Crossley Street
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Four continents

John Thomas & Daniel Maclise

Halifax /  Four continents   Halifax /  Four continents


The 60 m high tower of the town hall is adorned with statues of the four continent, three of these were sculpted by John Thomas, and because of his death the fourth continent, Asia, was carved under the supervision of Daniel Maclise.

Halifax - Foour continents
South: Europe
Halifax - Foour continents
West: America
Halifax - Foour continents
North: Africa
Halifax - Foour continents
East: Asia

On the corners of the spire are four seven-foot angels

Halifax - Foour continents Halifax - Foour continents


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Location (N 53°43'27" - W 1°51'38")

Item Code: gbyh085; Photograph: 27 July 2019
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