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South African War Memorial

Robert Bridgeman

York /  South African War Memorial   York /  South African War Memorial


Two-stage octogonal column, a so-called Edwardian Cross, in the upper stage originally eight statues of soldiers - one is missing since a lightning strike in 1961.

The memorial was unveiled by Earl Roberts on 3 August 1905.

Description from Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer of 4 August 1905:

The county memorial is a Edwardian cross of Ketton stone. It is 57ft. high. One plinth is octagonal in shape, and on the panels are slabs of Cumberland slate on which are inscribed the names of 1,459 Yorkshire men of all ranks and arms of the Service, with the sailors and military nurses, who were killed or died of disease in the war. It was designed Mr. G. F. Bodiey, R.A.. and executed by Messrs. Bridgeman, of Lichfield. The site was kindly given the Little Blake Street Improvement Committee. The number of the subscribers is 231.
It is proposed to fill the niches wich figures as follows: Sailor, presented by Mr. G. Faber, M.P.; cavalry, by the Earl of Carlisle and Mr. Frank Green; artillery and Imperial yeomanry, by Viscount Mountgarrett; militiamen, by Earl Fitzwilliam, D.S.C.; Volunteers, by the Marquess of Ripon, K.G.; and nurse. At present the statues have not been completed, and for yesterday's function several models were placed on the niches in the upper sections of the plinth. This is surmounted by a lantern with pinnacles and flying buttresses, the whole being crowned with a cross. The memorial is extremely handsome, and quite in keeping with the surroundings.
The IWM website gives the statues in this order: Sailor, Cavalryman, Artilleryman, Infantryman, Imperial Yeoman, Militiaman, Volunteer and Nurse. We were not able to identify them, except for the sailer and the nurse (nrs. 1 and 5), proving that the IWM-order is not the order on the monunent.
York - South African War Memorial
(1) Sailor (see als the sailor in Lichfield).
York - South African War Memorial
(2) Cavalryman?
York - South African War Memorial
(3) ...
York - South African War Memorial
(4) Artilleryman?
York - South African War Memorial
(5) Nurse
York - South African War Memorial
(6) Volunteer?
York - South African War Memorial
(7) Militiaman?
York - South African War Memorial
(8) Imperial yeoman


Remember those loyal and
gallant soldiers and sailors
of this County of York who
fell fighting for their country's
honour in South Africa 1899 to
1902 and whose names are
inscribed on this Cross, erected
by their fellow Yorkshiremen
A.D. 1905


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Locatie (N 53°57'42" - W 1°5'1") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: gbyh075; Photograph: 26 July 2019
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