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Victoria Square

Queen Victoria

London 1819 - Osborne House 1901
Queen of Great-Britain, 1837-1901
Henry C. Fehr

Hull /  Queen Victoria   Hull /  Queen Victoria


Bronze statue of Queen Victoria, wearing full regalia, crowned with the imperial crown and holding the orb and sceptre. It is a replica of the statue in Liverpool.
The statue stands on a rectangula Portland stone pedestal, with around it the text: victoria dei | gra. britanniarum | regina fid. def. | ind. imperatrix | ., and with reliefs of a sailing vessel and a steamship. The pedestal flanked by two seated allegorical figures: the 'Mistress of the Seas' with trident in one hand and a ship in the other, and the 'Dominion of the Land' one hand holding a little building representing power, and in the other a globe.
The statue was unveiled by the Prince and Princess of Wales, 12 May 1903.

Hull - Queen Victoria
Mistress of the Seas
Hull - Queen Victoria
Dominion of the Land

Hull - Queen Victoria
Hull - Queen Victoria
Sailing vessel



by public subscription
to commemorate
the reign of
most gracious majesty
born 1819
ascended the throne 1837
died 1901
(sailing vessel)

this statue
was unveiled by
his royal highness
12th may 1903

w. alfred gelder
h.c. fehr sculptor
j.s. gibson architect

Hull - Queen Victoria


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  • Dominion of the Land
  • Fehr, Henry C.
  • Mistress of the Seas
  • Monarch
  • Ship / boat
  • Statue (woman)
  • Victoria (Queen of Great-Britain)
  • Woman with building
  • Woman with globe
  • Woman with ship
  • Woman with trident
  • Locatie (N 53°44'37" - W 0°20'21") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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