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James Boswell

James Boswell, 9th Laird of Auchinleck
Edinburgh 1740 - London 1795
lawyer, diarist, and author; best known for the biography he wrote of the English literary figure Samuel Johnson, which the modern Johnsonian critic Harold Bloom has claimed is the greatest biography written in the English language
Percy Fitzgerald

Lichfield /  James Boswell   Lichfield /  James Boswell


Bronze statue of Boswell with his sword by his side, notebook under his arm, and walking stick held behind his back. The face of Boswell is taken from a portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds, and his figure and costume from Langton's sketch of his friend.

On the pedestal are three bronze reliefs with scenes in which Johnson and Boswell took part:

Lichfield - James Boswell
Lichfield - James Boswell
Lichfield - James Boswell
  1. (front) Johnson and Boswell in the Hebrides;
  2. (right) "At Three Crowns" - Johnson and Boswell supping at the Three Crowns Inn,
  3. (left) "At the Club" - Johnson introducing Boswell to the Literary Club of London;

For Johnson, see his statue on the same square.

Above these scenes are five small medaillons (three at the front, one at each side) with portraits of Boswell's friends:

Lichfield - James Boswell
Lichfield - James Boswell
Lichfield - James Boswell
Lichfield - James Boswell
Lichfield - James Boswell
    (1-3 front, 4 right, 5 left)
  1. BURKE - Edmund Burke (Dublin 1729 - Beaconsfield 1797), Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist and philosopher (Wikipedia).
  2. GARRICK - David Garrick (Hereford 1717 - London 1779), English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer; pupil and friend of Dr Samuel Johnson (Wikipedia).
  3. GOLDSMITH - Oliver Goldsmith (Ireland 1730 - London 1774), Irish novelist, playwright and poet (Wikipedia).
  4. REYNOLDS - Sir Joshua Reynolds (Plympton 1723 - London 1792), an influential eighteenth-century English painter, (Wikipedia).
  5. Mrs. THRALE - Hester Lynch Thrale (born Hester Lynch Salusbury and after her second marriage, Hester Lynch Piozzi) (Bodvel Hall, Caernarvonshire, 1741 - Bristol 1821) British diarist, author, and patron of the arts. (Wikipedia).
On the front is also a bronze relief showing Boswell's coat of arms and crest of a hawk with the motto 'Vraie Foy' [true faith].

Lichfield - James Boswell



1740     1795

the work
biographer of boswell
also editor of boswell's johnson
presented by him
the city of lichfield
w.r.coleridge-roberts. mayor
herbert russell town clerk


Sources & Information


  • Boswell, James
  • Burke, Edmund
  • Fitzgerald, Percy
  • Garrick, David
  • Goldsmith, Oliver
  • Johnson, Samuel
  • Painter
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Reynolds, Joshua
  • Statue
  • Thrale, Hester
  • Writer / poet
  • Location (N 52°41'1" - W 1°49'38")

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