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West Midlands

Telford Square

Thomas Telford

Glendinning, Westerkirk, Dumfriesshire 9 August 1757 - London 2 September 1834
Scottish civil engineer, architect and stonemason, and a noted road, bridge and canal builder
André Wallace
Glynwed Foundries

Telford /  Thomas Telford   Telford /  Thomas Telford


Iron statue of a bare-headed man in waistcoat, shirt and trousers leaning over the letter 'o' of the word Telford. He holds a top hat in his hands. His discarded coat hangs on the letter 'd'.


founder president of the institution of civil engineers
surveyor of public works for shropshire
sculptor – andré wallace – 1988
Signed (on the back of the dot after the letter 'd': glynwed foundries

Information Sign

the THOMAS TELFORD sculpture
was unveiled by
Mr. H.W.A. FRANCIS president of the
institution of civil engineers
supported by
Mr. R.D. HARRIS glynwed foundries
Mr. A. NAGAI hitachi maxell ltd.
Dr. T.S. LIN tatung company
8th april 1988


The new town was named after him in 1968.


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Location (N 52°40'40" - W 2°27'4")

Item Code: gbwm021; Photograph: 24 October 2009
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