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West Midlands

Abbey Foregate / Column Roundabout

Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill

division and corps commander under the command of the Duke of Wellington, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army from 1829
Joseph Panzetta

Shrewsbury /  Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill   Shrewsbury /  Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill


Coade stone statue (5.2 m high) of Viscount Hill in military uniform with metal sword. The statue is on a Doric column (40.7 m high) on a square main pedestal, elongated at the corners to provide pedestals for four crouching lions.


NNW side:
to lieutenant general rowland lord hill
baron hill of almaraz and hawkstone g.c.b.
not more distinguished for his skill and courage in the field
during the arduous campaigns in spain and portugal
the south of france and the memorable plains of waterloo
than for his benevolent and paternal care
in providing for the comforts and supplying the necessities
of his victorious country men
and for that humanity and generosity
which their vanquished foes experienced and acknowledged
the inhabitants of the town and county of salop
have erected this column and statue
as a memorial of their respect and gratitude to an illustrious contemporary
and an incitement to emulation in the heroes and patriots of future ages.
a.d. mdcccxvi.
SSE side:
civi svo rolando
domino baron hill ab almaraz et hawkstone
populares eius ex agro atqve mvnicipio salopiense
colvmnam hancce cvm statva p. c.
a. s. mdcccxvi
is in re militari qvemadmodvm se gesserit
testes sint lvsitania hispania galliae
narbonensis ac belgica
artvrivs dvx a wellington
sociorvm et qvidem hostivm exercitvs
SSW side:

arroyo del molinos

On the internal cast iron staircase there was (or is) in raised gilded Roman letters, one letter on each of 172 steps:
THIS STAIR CASE was the GIFT OF JOHN STRAPHEN, THE BUILDER, as HIS donation towards ERECTING this COLUMN. The First Stone of the Foundation was LAID December 27th, 1814. And completed June 18th, 1816, the ANNIVERSARY of the GLORIOUS BATTLE of WATERLOO.


The architect of the monument was Thomas Harrison with modifications by Edward Haycock. It is said to have both the largest Greek Doric column in the United Kingdom, and the largest Coade stone statue in existence (Explanation of Coade stone). John Carline was responsible for the sculpting of the lions, and Joseph Panzetta for the statue of Lord Hill. The Coade stone that the statue is made from is a mixture of clays blended with flint, quartz sand, and a 'grog' of ground fired waste.


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Location (N 52°42'14" - W 2°43'54")

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Item Code: gbwm019; Photograph: 24 October 2009
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