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Charles Darwin

Shrewsbury 12 February 1809 - Downe 19 April 1882
English naturalist who realised and presented compelling evidence that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors (Wikipedia)
Jemma Pearson

Shrewsbury /  Charles Darwin   Shrewsbury /  Charles Darwin


Bronze statue of Darwin, standing on a volcanic rock on which some animals.




Jemma Pearson 2000


From Jemma Pearson's website:

This portrait of Charles Darwin was commissioned in 2000 by Shrewsbury School, UK, where Darwin was educated. Unlike the majority of portrayals of Darwin, showing the older bearded scholar, Jemma chose to represent him as a strong and energetic young man, robust and physically at his prime, as he was during his adventurous voyage on the Beagle.

The details of the sculpture relate to his collecting forays on the Galapagos Islands. He carries his notebook, flask, geological hammers, stick and pistol, with his pockets and satchel full of specimens.

The setting of an outcrop of Galapagos volcanic rock with the accompanying marine iguanas, crabs and finch are a foil to this image of the man lost in deep thought and vision.

The statue was unveiled by Sir David Attenborough and stands in front of the main school building, mirroring a statue depicting Darwin in old age that stands in front of the Old Schools in the town.


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Item Code: gbwm018; Photograph: 24 October 2009
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