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Ashton Road  
(Shrewsbury School)

Sir Philip Sidney

Penshurst, Kent 1554 - Arnhem 1586
English poet, courtier and soldier
Arthur G. Walker
A.B. Burton (Thames Ditton)

Shrewsbury /  Sir Philip Sidney   Shrewsbury /  Sir Philip Sidney


Bronze statue, on a pedestal with two bronze vignettes of the trenches of World War I and one of the Battle of Zutphen, showing the wounded Sidney. It is placed in the semicircular World War II monument.

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The trenches of World War I

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Scene at the Battle of Zutphen, when the wounded Sidney gave up his cup of water to a dying soldier



Front of pedestal:

scholæ meæ alvmnos agnosco
bronze vignette of the trenches of World War I
mcmxiv mcmxviii
school coat of arms

Back of pedestal:

zutphen mdlxxxvi
bronze vignette showing the scene at the Battle of Zutphen

On the sides and below the Battle of Zutphen vignette list of names of Salopian who fell in World War I (photos available on request)


AGWalker sc. / 1923
a.b. burton / founder
The vignettes are signed with monogram AGW


Sources & Information


  • Country: Great Britain
  • Army Officer
  • Burton (Thames Ditton), A.B.
  • Sidney, Philip
  • Statue
  • Walker, Arthur G.
  • War Memorial (UK - various)
  • Writer / poet
  • Location (N 52°42'8" - W 2°45'47")

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    Item Code: gbwm017; Photograph: 24 October 2009
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