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Heracles (Ἡρακλῆς), Latin: Hercules
divine hero in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Alcmene
John van Nost the Elder

Shrewsbury /  Hercules   Shrewsbury /  Hercules


Lead copy of the Farnese Hercules on a stone pedestal



Copy of the statue executed by the
Athenian sculptor GLYCON and known
as the Farnese Hercules


A copy of the Farnese Hercules, original marble statue in the Museo Nazionale, Naples. It is not, however, a direct copy and there are some quite specific differences. Hercules is shown standing, naked, in a classical pose, weight on right foot, right hip thrust out, left knee slightly flexed, left foot advanced. Right hand behind his back holds three balls. He leans on his club, the butt end of which (draped with the lion skin) is beneath his arm pit. Left arm hanging forward, relaxed. The first of Hercules' Twelve Labours was to kill the Nemean Lion, which he engaged hand-to-hand and finally strangled. The lion skin, together with his great club, are familiar attributes of pictorial and sculptural depictions of the hero. The three balls held in Hercules' right hand are a puzzle since they seem to play no part in his mythology. Perhaps they represent the golden apples of the Hesperides.


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Location (N 52°42'23" - W 2°45'48")

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Item Code: gbwm008; Photograph: 22 October 2009
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