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West Midlands

The Quarry
(The Dingle)

The Dingle Fountain

artist unknown

Shrewsbury /  The Dingle Fountain   Shrewsbury /  The Dingle Fountain


From a concrete pool a central column rises, supporting a tazza-like basin from the centre of which rises another column supporting a ceramic figure. The cast iron is decorated with lily leaves, scallop shells and dolphins. The ceramic figure is white, unglazed (similar to Parian ware) and shows a girl seated on a rock outcrop cushioned with a sheaf of corn. She is pouring from an urn into a cup, and has a basket by her left foot.


Presented by the
Independent Order
of ODD Fellows
M. U.
Shrewsbury district 1889


Cast at Coalbrookdale.


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Location (N 52°42'23" - W 2°45'38")

Item Code: gbwm006; Photograph: 22 October 2009
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