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Llandrindod Wells - Llandrindod


Lake Park
(Princess Avenue)

Llandodis - A Llandoddie

Llandoddies, the Ancient Water Keepers, are a created by Michiel Blees and Griswallt ap Llechitwyt (David Bellamy) in the 'Chronicles of the Llandoddies'
Dave King

Llandrindod Wells - Llandrindod /  Llandodis - A Llandoddie   Llandrindod Wells - Llandrindod /  Llandodis - A Llandoddie


Wooden sculpture of a Llandoddie, a figure with crocodile's head, with a fish.



Location (N 52°14'9" - W 3°22'26")

Item Code: gbwa154; Photograph: 23 June 2014
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